Monday, January 29, 2007

Yo, Linotype Breath

Hey Sparky;
Name the only high-ranking college administrator that has worked at two universities that won Division I men's championships in 1985.
Time's up. Dr. Gary Gabriel RPI (they won the national title in hockey) and Villanova (men's basketball).

Hey, I finally determined that indeed golf and bowling are not sports. I know, professional golfers really are quality athletes and Tiger Woods is an elite athlete and all that, but here is why they are not really sports: No legitimate sport would allow dufusses (or is it dufi) like you and me to play at the same facility as the great ones play at in those sports. I mean, you and I could play Pebble Beach or almost any PGA facility. We could also keggle and slurp down some beers at any bowling establishment in the country. No way does anyone allow us to play baseball at Yankee Stadium, football at Texas Stadium or hockey at the Boston Garden. Now, for enough beer we might be able to log a couple of laps at Daytona, but I don't think so. Anyway, golf and bowling can't be sports, otherwise they would never let us anywhere near any place that host those events. Ask Anna, she will agree.

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