Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Who's running this zoo?

Hey, putz:
Think Don Audinoleone has problems at The Little U because he hasn't found a quarterback yet? Look at this poor sap at one of those "prestigious" Wisconsin state schools.

Todd Strop has submitted his letter of resignation as head football coach at UW-Stout. The resignation, announced Jan. 11, comes four weeks after a Stout senior football player was arrested in an operation in which police seized cocaine, marijuana and more than $6,000. Luke Steffen, a linebacker, led the Blue Devils (3-7) this past season with 101 tackles and had a pair of interceptions, returning one for a touchdown. Steffen was due in court Jan. 16.
Another defendant, UW-Stout football player Nicholas OrRico, also faces a pair of cocaine and marijuana charges and police said they also found steroids at his house. He’s due in court Jan. 22.

How's that for institutional control? How did these cementheads stay under Union's radar?

Hey, nice job by the numbnuts at Siena to spout off about how good they are, and then let Marist SHOOT 100 PERCENT from the floor in overtime. Probably couldn't play defense because they were too tired from running their mouths (which is also your favorite form of exercise.) Maybe Fran the Man should invest in some muzzles.

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Sparky and Stu said...

Hey shit hook, this makes Matt Brady 5-0 against his Alma Mater since he got the head coaching job at Marist, right?