Wednesday, January 3, 2007

They ran Fridge out of town for this?

Yo, Stu:
I was going to keep my mouth shut for a while, but after reading Seth Appert's quotes today, I reached my limit.
Twice, he referred to RPI hockey players as student/athletes! Is that the new directive from Queen Shirley? Yo, Mr. Roboto, these are HOCKEY PLAYERS. If they wanted to be student/athletes, they would have gone to Williams or Middlebury. Did you forget that they're getting a free education because of their ability to play hockey, supposedly at a high level?
This guy is really getting on my nerves. RPI ran Dan Fridgen out of town because he wasn't winning enough games, and wasn't keeping RPI in the national mix. So what has Opie Appert done? Taken a veteran team to a 5-7-6 record and the only thing they're leading the nation in is short-handed goals against! Goaltending was supposed to be the strength of this team, they bring in a coach with a goaltending background, and Lange and Alford suddenly can't stop a beachball. I don't get it.
And don't give me any crap about, Let's wait and see what Appert can do with his own recruits. Unless the admissions department is going to close its eyes, not much is going to change. Can't believe they dumped Fridge for this guy.
Hey, putz. I see you picked up a D(esignated)H(eckler). As least someone is reading your drivel.
Got to find my Goody's Headache Powder. Opie is giving me a pain.


Sparky and Stu said...

Yeah, I didn't like the way they handle Fridge either, but it's done and this is the guy they will have to "stay the ccourse" with for a while. Let's give him more than a cocaine minute to improve the program before you call for his head.

If they are going to dump some money into the facilities and the program they must be ready to let a couple of players a little below the MendozzaIT line slip through admissions. Hey, that's how Ivy programs like Brown and Dartmouth climbed out of the college hockey gutter in the 80's and 90's.

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