Thursday, January 4, 2007

Media Blunders

This is pretty funny.

In Medias Res
Observations about Journalism and other interests from a retired Albany, NY Television News Anchor
Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The Governor's Kotex
"Do the Governor's kotex reach as far as the Assembly?""The dog called police on the taxi radio.""Good Evening, I'm Ernie Tetrault.""Brinkworth pisses across ice to Knightly who shits! And the fuck is cleared into the corner."I said all those things on-air. Every broadcaster has a collection of personal bloopers, I suppose. Some seem funny now but they were nightmarish utterances at the time they were made. And, they all had to be followed by something. You can't just stop. You can't take it back. So tell me, if you begin a newscast by getting your own name wrong, where do you go from there?'Kotex', by the way, was a mangled attempt at 'exit poll coattails'. It was a stupid question anyway. It wasn't scripted. It was my stupid question. I own it. So too, I also own every idiotic observation made on this blog. It seems to me that if a person believes they have something worth saying in public then they owe the public their own identity.I would never be and have never been an anonymous critic.
Posted by Ed Dague at 11:11:00 AM

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