Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stop the crap

Hey, blogmeister
What's with the posting other people's drivel on the blog? If I wanted to read that crap, I'm blog surf, like you obviously do. No wonder you never go anywhere in life. You don't have any original ideas. You think it's cute to be a peeping Tom. I hope those clowns in 2A and 2B BLOW EACH OTHER'S BRAINS OUT. For God's sake, get a life, people. Better yet, start collecting cans and save enough money so you can buy a house and have your own damn washer and dryer. JUST STOP YOUR BITCHIN'! It's no wonder I like it in the cave. It's so nice and quiet.
Hate this time of year. Football sucks (year, let's just anaylze that Colts-Pats rematch ad nauseum), hockey doesn't matter, no baseball, too damn cold to golf. And the reason we stay in the Northeast is?????
I'm going to rent 2C and start stirring the pot.

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