Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Redneck country

Hey, y'all
You know what this blog needs? More racin'! The Daytona 500 is right around the corner, and we haven't even mentioned what's going on in NASCAR, like them tweaking the point system for the champeenship or the fact that Junior is feuding with his stepmother. so let me pop open a 40 of Bud, and hit the trail.
I like the idea of adding more drivers to the Chase. It ain't a chase if'n you don't have Junior and Pretty Boy Gordon one year, and Doughboy Stewart the next. Sheeit, you can't have a real champion if you don't let the real contenders compete.
Junior has about had it with Theresa. This is starting to sound like a soap opera, right to the point where Junior said last week, "I've got a real mother." Whoa, boy. the hand of ole' Dale is going to come out of nowhere and slap you upside the head. Watch for Junior to pull the plug and jump to Richard Childress Racing.
We've got to get to North Carolina or Tennessee sometime this summer and catch the "I Know We're Divorced, But I Still Love Her Like a Sister 500."
Whew, that's a load off my mind. Hey, putz, did you see where Inside College Hockey has one of Nate's cementheads listed as a Hidden Hobey? Don't see Captain Kirk's name on that list. He must have put the phaser shields up.
If I had killed you when I wanted to, I'd be out by now.

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