Monday, January 8, 2007

Big Blew

Eli? Most of the time he makes Scott Brunner look good. Manning is good for one or two drives a game. Unfortuantely it comes after the defense has played 90% of the game because Eli is napping most of the first 3/4 of the game. Give the fat guy a shot next summer.

Everyone is blaming Ol Beady Eyes and he should shoulder a lot of the blame. This coaching staff can't get outa its own way. Burress makes two great grabs, on lousy throws, on the first drive and Elly doesn't even look at #17 for the next 20 minutes.

Maybe the guy that should get most of the heat is Ernie Acorsi. He is the one who gave us Coughlin, Manning and don't forget that secondary that never saw a running back it couldn't tackle. First hire a general manager that can see when he's about to be snookered. The Manning family sold Ernie a bill of goods on Elly and will be counting their money long after the Giants have finally realized that they made a mistake.

The big eunuch is finally gone. Maybe the desert sun will help his complexion; and his disposition. Hey, he might even remember how to pitch.

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