Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Hey, Putz
It's only Tuesday and I'm already sick and tired of hearing the "two black coaches at the Super Bowl" story. It would be a story if they were coaching in the Stanley Cup finals, but let's be serious. If the NFL wasn't run by good, ole boys like Jerry Jones, black coaches wouldn't be an issue. Hey, while we're on the subject, are there any black players in the ECACHL? Why isn't Al Sharpton breathing down Hagwell's neck.
Say what you want, but The Tuna just got fed up with dealing with TO and threw in the towel. I see where he's probably going to spend the summer in Saratoga, watching the nags run. Have to get him to The Nail for a couple of pops.
Don't count the Tuna out. With Tom Coughin' hanging by a thread, the Tuna could be heading back to the Big Apple after a one-year sabbatical and a little R&R.
Have you been into the Kool Aid at the RPI concession stand, because you're preaching the gospel according to Opie. Give him two years to bring in his own kids, and he'll still be in the bottom half of the league. And don't talk bad about Nate the Skate. His methods may be a little shady, but they're working, and we all know if there's one thing The Little U likes, it's a winner. Can't wait to see who Don Audinoleone brings in at QB and tailback. Luther, Dauber and the rest of that motley crew had better be beating the bushes.
Whew, need a break after that one. Is that the beer wench riding by?

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Editor said...

I'm with you on the Super Bowl black coaches story. Done with it move on. But wait, the 9,000 media folks covering the buildup over the next two (yawn) weeks have to find something to say and write. Let's hit the cave with some beers until February 3rd.

Nate the Skate has done a great job at Union and I said that. So he recruits 20 kids a year and loses 9, that's not all bad. Hey, if you came from 2,000 miles away and spent a few months on that campus, you'd be thinking about leaving too.