Sunday, January 7, 2007

Jints redux

Hey Sparky:
It's all too familiar for Jints fans. Blown chance by the offense and missed tackles by the defense takes what coulda been a a 17 or 20 to 7 lead and makes it into a 17-10 deficit at the half.

The O-line has 4 penalties in two possessions and Eli continues to ignore open receivers and throw at guys who are covered. Burress makes two great catches on bad throws on the first possession and then Eli forgets he's on the field the rest of the half.

Ol Beady Eyes has that bewildered look on his face again and it's left to Shockey and Tiki to try to provide some leadership. Put the fat guy in at QB the second half, please. Why can't any of these announcers or any of the Jints coaches or administrators admit that Coughlin and Manning were mistakes? I don't get it.


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