Sunday, January 14, 2007

Check, please

Hey, putz:
It's time to start the Enforcer (read, Goon) of the Year watch. One of my favorite stats in college hockey is penalty minutes, but because no one wants to acknowledge the tough guys, so I'm picking up the torch (and will probably set myself on fire). We'll call it the Matt Nickerson Award, after the famous (?) Clarkson defenseman who rolled up 174 minutes three years ago, knocking Fridge out of the top spot.
Top contenders right now are Phil Paquet of Clarkson (84 minutes) and Jean-Francois Boucher of Yale (78). Nickerson appears safe, but these two could easily hit the century mark.
Interesting to note these two are also the national leaders. Are the ECAC refs calling the game a little differently than the rest of the world?
In the immortal words of Styx, I've got too much time on my hands.
Glad to see Opie's scholarship guys finally beat the non-scholarship cementheads. Should be cause for celebration in the faculty lounges at dear, old RPI.
Got to run. Someone's calling me (probably the voices in my head again).

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